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Prophetbeatz, born Joshua La Torre was conceived on July 24 1986 in Upper Hayford, Oxfordshire England. Raised in a military family he was no stranger to moving and traveling with his family every three or four years. After England, Prophetbeatz family moved to Colorado, Rhode Island, and Finally in South Eastern CT. It is there in the 860 that Prophetbeatz really started focusing on his career in the arts. Always drawing and writing he found a bond with music at an early age and followed the art form in his various residents. He attributes his surroundings and family of musicians as the muse to his music and the drive that keeps him going today. With a strong background and knowledge of many art forms Prophetbeatz has solidified his spot as a multi talented artist in the media world. Diversifying his field with Art, Fashion, Music, Web Design, and Sound Design he is able to do most projects all in house without having to outsource for any type of materials except packaging.

theGiftmedia.2010|all works shown are art designed by the gift media for promotional pieces.