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Prophetbeatz is a very diverse composer in the fact that he doesn't subject himself to one style of music. Providing everything from Audio Engineering to Instrumentals, and Film/TV Scoring. Below are a list of projects he has worked on.

Hip Hop
The Gift Mixtape
Between Godz and Gunz
Ghost Stories
Live From the Gallows
Hell is 4 Heroes
The Purple Hearts Club

Blaze the Arsin:.
Back Draft : Lemme be the one, Lovin Every Minute of it
The Arsinal : Fast Lane, Vent, Put it on paper
Nothing to Loose : Intro
Misc: Sleep

Money Car$in:.

Proof of product
Leave it Alone
Carsinagentic Flow
Part of me
One for the money


The Dark Road (unreleased)

Best of a beast mixtape

Go Now
Land of Camden
Put it on Paper
District Sleeps in Coffins
Get So Lost

Bullets On Broadway
Mind over Matter

Score Work
Battlefield Ambience - Whole Soundtrack
Ill Be Laughing - Written by Aaron Hescox Partial Score by prophetbeatz

Jerry Mckimm:.
Linear Leep - Whole Soundtrack

3 North Medical Media:.
Dr. Doug Spiel Demo Real

Aggressive Promotions:.
Back 2 Normal Reality Show - Theme Song and Score

Spiel 2010 TV Comercials

theGiftmedia.2010|all works shown are art designed by the gift media for promotional pieces.